A systematic identification and analysis of scientists on Twitter


twitter_scientists.json.zip List of 45,867 identified scientists Data is in JSON format; each line corresponds to a scientist, with five columns:
  1. Screen name;
  2. Name extracted from Twitter profile page;
  3. Number of followers;
  4. Profession (e.g., "astrophysicist"​) extracted from profile description on Twitter;
  5. List of profession​s extracted from names of Twitter lists where the user is included. E.g.: "astronomer:2,astrophysicist:1,chemist:1" means "astronomer" appeared in 2 lists; astrophysicist​ in 1 list, and so on.
tweets_id.txt.zip List of 64,449,234 tweet IDs posted by the identified scientists Each line contains one ID.